Name: Heather

Born: October

Lives: Toronto, Ont

Birthday: October 28

Sign: Scorpio

Years as a professional cheerleader: Rookie

When did you start dancing, cheerleading? Started dancing at the age two. And was a high school cheerleader.

Occupation: Professional Dancer/Dance Teacher

Education: York University Bachelor of Fine Arts

Charity of choice: Sick Kids Foundation

Twitter: @heatherfarq



Most proud of: Taking something I am truly passionate about and turning it into a career.

Hidden talents? Really good at painting other people’s nails. And I love cooking, even though it might not be a talent haha.

Collect anything? Postcards. From travelling.

Any pets? No pets.

Favourite band? Backstreet Boys

Favourite singer? Britney Spears

Have you ever been out of the country? Travelled to Spain, France, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia on trips with friends. Last year went to Dubai on a dance contract to perform for a month.

Any bad habits? Being on my phone constantly; work and non work related.

Dream job? Back-up dancer!

Favourite meal? Pizza… or cereal.

I’ve always wanted to…… Travel the world.

If you could have lunch with anyone: Ellen Degeneres or Martha Graham

Biggest fear? Missing an opportunity.

What’s your favourite TV show? Friends or Sex and the City

What do you like to do in your spare time? Take a dance class

Favourite Book or Author? Chelsea Handler

Name 3 must have’s? Sweatpants, Wine, Friends.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you? Secret addiction to buying trashy magazines.

Fun Fact: People often accuse me and my best friend of being twins.