Name:  Jackie

Born:  Edinburgh, Scotland

Lives:  Mississauga/Orangeville

Birthday: March

Sign:  Pisces

Years as a professional cheerleader: 4, but first year for Rock

When did you start dancing, cheerleading?  I started taking ballet at 4

Occupation:  Flight Attendant and Teacher

Education:  Hons. B.A in Mass Communications and P.G.D.E in Primary Education

Charity of choice: The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies



Most proud of: The fact that I stuck with learning French!  It’s a big part of the reason I’m a flight attendant and a teacher 

Any pets? I have a kitten named Keanu and he’s my pride and joy!

Favourite singer?  Britney Spears, Paolo Nutini, Calvin Harris

Have you ever been out of the country? It’s my job! But my favourite place to visit is Scotland so I can see my family there.

Any bad habits? Indecisiveness, I can’t even decide how to answer this question!

Dream job?  Flight Attendant, it really is the best job!

Favorite meal? Swiss Chalet Festive Special

I’ve always wanted to…… Spend a few months in France improving my French

If you could have lunch with anyone: Well if Downton Abbey was real I’d like to be invited to lunch there.

Biggest fear?  Becoming a crazy cat lady… it’s starting, watch how many times I mention Keanu.

What’s your favourite TV show? Coronation Street, Downton Abbey and I watch a lot of Mayday… I’m a bit obsessed

What do you like to do in your spare time? I love going to the movies, and spending quality snuggle time with kitten Keanu

Favorite Book or Author? Sophie Kinsella the Shopaholic series… and basically everything she writes!

Name 3 must have’s?  My phone, I know that sounds terrible but that’s my planner, my phonebook, where I write my reminders, I’m lost without it. Tea. Keanu.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you?  I’m a pretty big Star Trek fan, only the original and Next Generation though!

Fun Fact: A good cup of tea solves everything.