Name: Kelly

Born: Vancouver

Lives: Toronto

Birthday: April 26

Sign: Taurus

Years as a professional cheerleader: Rookie

When did you start dancing, cheerleading? Age 6

Occupation: Fitness Instructor

Education: BA in Health Science, Working on Masters in Psychotherapy

Charity of choice: Angel Hair for Kids

Twitter: kellz_kellz



Most proud of: I’ve cut over a foot of hair and donated to Angel Hair for Kids twice in honour of my grandma and grandfather.

Hidden talents? I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do

Collect anything? no

Any pets? A cat, Bella

Favourite band? Capital Cities

Favourite singer? Janet Jackson

Have you ever been out of the country? Yes

Any bad habits? I drink a lot of Coke

Dream job? To dance for a living

Favorite meal? Ribeye steak with poutine

I’ve always wanted to…… be a dancer in a Janet Jackson music video.

If you could have lunch with anyone: Chan Hon Goh

Biggest fear? Heights

What’s your favourite TV show? Charmed

What do you like to do in your spare time? Listen to music

Favorite Book or Author? Emily Giffin

Name 3 must have’s? My cellphone, my music library, my favourite stuffed animal

Tell us something most people don’t know about you? I spent my 22nd birthday sightseeing in Paris by myself.

Fun Fact: My middle name Cydney is spelt with a “C” not “S”