Appeal Denied - Edwards Will Not Play

Toronto – The Toronto Rock have just been informed that defender Damon Edwards will not play this evening as a result of an arbitrator denying the Professional Lacrosse Players Association's (PLPA) appeal of the one-game suspension handed down by the NLL earlier in the week.

Edwards was suspended by the NLL on Tuesday following the review of an Edwards check on Buffalo’s Ian Llord in the final seconds of the first quarter during last Saturday’s playoff game against the Bandits.

There was no penalty assessed on the play, however the NLL handed out a match penalty for boarding and a game misconduct upon review of the game film.  The boarding match penalty results in an automatic one-game suspension.

The PLPA launched an appeal immediately.  The hearing took place on Friday afternoon via conference call and the decision came down just before 2pm on Saturday afternoon.

For tickets to Saturday's East Division Final playoff game against the Rochester Knighthawks at Air Canada Centre, please visit or call 416-596-3075 and speak with a Toronto Rock ticket representative.  


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Karen Morrison
I thought it was a legal check but an awkward fall because Llord put his arm out.
There have been alot of no calls throughout the season that have resulted in numerous players out with concussion. To call this one now makes me question the motive. Do they want make sure an American team win this year. I wonder
2012-05-11 17:42:05
Unwarranted. About as stupid as the ref. penalty call in the final minute of a playoff game.
2012-05-12 06:17:28
2012-05-12 15:02:29
I didn't see anything in this play as bad in my opinion, as some of the non-calls from the officials and league in the past. Maybe sour grapes for my part. But I've seen far worse with no game consequences previously this year. No problem with making this a suspension, so long as its been consistently treated as "suspendable" earlier in the season. Anyway, GO ROCK GO!!!!!! We've overcome much else this season. Two more games guys. Wish I could be there to root you on tonight in Toronto. If you make it through tonights game successfully, we'll move heaven and earth to make it to Toronto for the finale.
2012-05-12 19:04:05
Dan Grant
Even the ref who was watching the play VERY closely saw nothing wrong. Let's think about this.... ROCK needed all the defensive help they could get as D has not been strong this year. Damon Edwards is a strong defender. CBS is carried the Rochester game. An American team in the final would would bolster US fan base. Not saying it was the reason for Toronto's loss but it sure was a good way to stack the deck against the ROCK!
2012-05-14 13:53:12

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