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Dean Wiley
Lovell was correct that there was a lot going right at the beginning of the game, harassing the ball carrier, slide coverage, Gamble fast break down the floor, Rose on ball; we need 60 minutes of it though. Transitition needs to be sharper; get off fast so we can get fresh legs on the floor and fast break alongside Gamble. Fix the holes in the sticks that kept dropping loose balls and passes. Work on the face off; we either lost it out right or the referee gave it to the other team.
2014-02-26 12:37:41
Some real highlights this season but this team isn't going anywhere until they learn how to win at least 50% of the faceoffs... 28% faceoff efficiency against Edmonton and we still only get outshot by 5 and outscored by 1? That's a team thats playing hard and well on offense, defense and in goal, but you just can't start over 70% of the plays without the ball and expect to win... Coach lovell?
2014-03-02 19:49:13

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