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Peter Birks
Many thanks to Jamie for providing us such good entertainment to while away the winter!
I'm not so sure that I like the fight re-plays. When a fight breaks out it happens and then it's over as in the Hostawser one on Friday Apr. 17. however, replaying it glorifies it and that's been part of the ruination of hockey.
Wish we could see more coverage by the SUN. This weekend the SUN was bragging of 40 pages of sports but I couldn't find even a scoreboard of the NLL standings.I have written to the editor several times asking for more coverage!
Hated to see Billings leave, however he should be a huge boon for New England and poor sister teams are not good for the league, so hopefully it is a win all round.
What happened to Doyle after the Rock news said that he was playing on Apr. 17???

Thanks again for the entertainment
2015-04-20 14:19:18

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